The NEOC runs its own radioactivity monitoring network – NADAM. It consists of 66 stations located at the MeteoSwiss weather stations throughout Switzerland, which transmit the measured values at ten-minute intervals back to the NEOC. If the threshold value (1000 nanosievert per hour [nSv/h]) is exceeded, an alarm is automatically raised.

Here you can consult the average daily values for each of the 66 monitoring stations. Depending on the location, the average values vary between 80 and 260 nanosievert per hour (nSv/h). This is mainly due to differences in the level of natural radiation. Key factors are, on the one hand, the geological composition of the ground, and on the other hand, the intensity of cosmic radiation. These values increase the higher you are above sea-level. Therefore the stations in the Alps (e.g. Jungfraujoch) are measuring much higher values. The highest natural radioactivity values in Switzerland are measured at the Piz Giuv, north of Sedrun. The maximum values are approximately 500 nSv/h…….